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Sumeer I pledge 1.  What were some of the perceived risks of genetic engineering? (give two at  least) The tape recorder said that there could be infections or contaminations, or  possibly even something crawling out of the laboratory. Another concern was that after  researchers wanted to put cancers into bacteria, that they could infect people. 2.What are some of the practical uses of “recombinant DNA technology”?   Bacteria could be designed that would eat up oil spills, they could be used  to manufacture drugs, and even human hormones. 3.What were the two methods for developing an artificial insulin gene? Which method  worked? Gilbert wanted to extract the gene that coded for insulin from human tissue, and  then put it in bacteria. Dave Goddell attempted to build the insulin gene from scratch  since it could be produced under normal lab conditions. Genentech and Dave 
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Unformatted text preview: Goddell's approach worked. 4. How did the engineers build the first genetically engineered plants? Petunia leaves were hole punched and put into a petri dish. Monsanto then covered them with agrobacteria carrying a certain gene. 5. What was the first genetically engineered food crop? A tomato. 6. Why are the researchers and engineers so excited about modifying crops? Because these new crops can have increased resistance to pests and disease, and some can have extra vitamins. Some cotton plants might soon have multi-colored, crease-resistant cotton. 7.What is the major moral/ethical argument with genetic engineering? The argument is that scientists are playing god before they fully understand the environmental implications. Some other critics fear that a few companies will take control of the agricultural market and limit genetic diversity....
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