Genetics+(Dragons)+Exercise - Genetics Exercise Advanced...

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Genetics Exercise - Advanced Biology Name: The Common Winged Dragon, Dragonis terribilis, comes in six colors: green, white, brown, blue, bronze, and gold. These colors are controlled by five alleles. The sixth color is produced by a blend of two genes, green and brown, to make bronze. Among the alleles, green and brown are codominant, masking the effect of the other three alleles. Blue is recessive to green and brown, but dominant over gold and white. Gold is dominant to white, but recessive to green, brown, and blue. White is totally recessive. White dragons are rare because the double dose of white scale color also affects size and reproductive capacity. White dragons are dwarf and sterile. 1. In the stairstep below, list the five color alleles from most to least dominant. Most______________________ | |______________________ | |_______________ | |__________________ Least Standard symbols are used to indicate each allele. C
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Genetics+(Dragons)+Exercise - Genetics Exercise Advanced...

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