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Genetics+Problems+(harder)-1 - For the problem listed below...

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For the problem listed below, you are to solve the type of inheritance and explain the rationale of your choice. 1. Mice I o a) cross 1: red-eyed mouse X white-eyed mouse gives F1: all red-eyed cross 2: red-eyed F1 X red-eyed F1 gives F2: 36 red-eyed 13 white-eyed The pattern of inheritance exhibited here by the mice is complete dominance, due to the fact that my punnet square showed it, and that Mendel's first experiment showed it as well. The red-eyed gene is completely dominant to the white-eyed gene. 2. Flies cross 1: red-eyed female X red-eyed male gives F1: 50 red-eyed female 25 red-eyed male 25 white-eyed male cross 2: white-eyed male F1 X red-eyed female F1 52 crosses give: 30 red male 33 red female 48 crosses give: 22 red male 24 red female 21 white male 23 white female The pattern of inheritance shows here is sex-linked inheritance with the gene on the X chromosome being the gene in question. The genotypes of the parents could be X^R,X^r for the mom, and X^R,Y for the dad. It is sex-linked because if you look at the F1 generation you can
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