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Evolution: Great Transformations Video Questions 1. Philip Gingrich studies whales. What was the significance of the fossil he found in 1978? (What did it resemble?) He thought it was the back of a skull, but it had part of an ear that resembled a whale ear. 2. What characteristics of land mammals did Basilosaurus possess? It had tiny vestigial hind limbs. 3. How does the way whales swim connect them to land mammals? They can use their hind limbs to allow themselves to move. 4. What is a “tetrapod”? Something with four legs. 5. Were the first tetrapods water or land dwellers? What evidence supports this? Water dwellers because they found a fully preserved fossil in what used to be underwater. 6. What happened 570 million years ago during the Cambrian Explosion?
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Unformatted text preview: Many new species were created. 7. What do the biologists mean when they say evolution is “tinkering”? Evolution is taking little changes instead of rebuilding a whole new form. 8. What does the antennapedia gene do in fruit flies? What happens if the gene is turned on in the head segment? It grows legs instead of its antenna. 9. What happened when the mouse eye gene was spliced in to a fruit fly that had a mutation that made it eyeless? Why is this significant? It makes them grow their normal eyes. 10. What are some differences in the anatomy of a chimp and a person? Chimps have a longer jaw, and their vertebrae come to the back of their skull whereas human vertebrae goes to the base....
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