13 - Nikki Kalbing nKalbing@sas.upenn.edu Re-regulation,...

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Nikki Kalbing nKalbing@sas.upenn.edu Re-regulation, private and public law (before civil war different), taxes, education of lawyers (what they do evolves), legal philosophy, civil rights/liberties Midterm and final are essays - 4-6 questions and have to answer these in essay form - final is a take-home - midterm is in class (closed book) - Book reviews o Can pick any 3 books from list (available in VP or Law Library) 1 st step – write a brief summary of the book - what is in the book, whats it about 2 nd step – analyze book and say what reviewer says about the book - Need to find scholarly texts (online?) [jstor, lexus] - Read multiple reviews to see what other people say - Get all opinions (is it overwritten? Is it a good starting point? Is it a good study? One book review does not make a summary 3 rd step –Does the book relates to anything we have discussed in class, and if so, how? - does not have to be about anything specific we discuss in class o can be general themes (executive power, the idea of law, how one interprets court decisions) - what do you personally think of the boook o Is it boring? Is it informative? Is it thrilling? o Cite the book reviewers in your paper Grades are decided on a matter of discretion Midterm counts more than final – book review counts more than midterm - Class participation – be heard - Be prepared – always read the material because you will be asked randomly
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13 - Nikki Kalbing nKalbing@sas.upenn.edu Re-regulation,...

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