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Chapter 1 - Chapter 1 1 Briefly describe the unifying...

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Chapter 1 1. Briefly describe the unifying themes of biology? Biology, the study of life, is a large and significant field encompassing many aspects from molecular biology to evolutionary biology. These broad subjects, however, are united by unique and basic parts within the study of biology. The prevalent theme in biology is evolution. Coinciding with evolution is diversity and unity, which co exist on earth. Exploration of complex life contatins many components; the basic unit or an organism is a cell, structure and function are correlative, organisms exist as open systems that interact continuously with their environments, etc. 2. What is an emergent property? Emergent properties surface with each step upward on the biological hierarchy as a result of interactions among components at lower levels. This highlights the significance of structural arrangement, which applies to inanimate subjects as well as to life.
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