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chapter 2 - C hemical behavior of an atom depends mostly on...

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Chapter 2 5. Explain why radioisotopes are important to biologists. Use an example. Measurements of radioactive isotopes are extremely useful in terms of dating fossils of past life, like carbon-14 dating. In addition, they are useful to follow atoms through metabolism. A prime example of this usage is with kidney disorders; small dosages of radioactive substances can be injected into the blood and then measuring the amount of tracer excreted in the urine. 6. Explain how electron configuration influences the chemical behavior of an atom.
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Unformatted text preview: C hemical behavior of an atom depends mostly on its valence electrons. Atoms with the same number of valence electrons exhibit similar chemical behavior. 7. Explain why weak bonds are important to living organisms. Weak bonds are advantageous because the contact between molecules can be brief. They reinforce the shapes of large molecules and help molecules to adhere to each other. The ionic bond, which is relatively weak in the presence of water, is specifically important in living organisms as is the hydrogen bond....
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