chapter 7

chapter 7 - 1.Why do lysosomes have H+ pumps? Is the H+...

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1.W hy do lysosomes have H+ pumps? Is the H+ pumped into or out of the lysosome? Lysosomes have H+ pumps in order pump hydrogen ions from the cytosol into the lumen of the lysosome. This is necessary in order to maintain the low, internal pH5 that lysosomes need to function within. 2. What are the two purposes of lysosomes in most cells? Lysosomes are used primarily for hydrolyzing or digesting macromolecules: proteins, polysaccharides, fats, and nucleic acids. There are two main types of this digestion: the first is phagocytosis, which is when protists engulf smaller organisms in order to basically ‘eat’ them; the following type is autophagy is when enzymes recycle the cell’s own organic material by engulfing another small organelle. 3. where does glycosylation occur in the cell? 5. if a protein is being formed at a free ribosome and its next destination is the RER, explain generally how it gets there? The first step for a free ribosome on its travels to the RER is to find a signal recognition particle. This SRP recognizes the signal peptide, which is latched onto the ribosome. The SRP binds to this signal protein and then binds to another receptor protein in the ER membrane. This process occurs over and over again as the free ribosome is reused. 6. Describe the structure of a ribosome. Where are they made? Where is their synthesis completed? Ribosomes are composed of ribosomal RNA and proteins. They are composed of two subunits, one being larger than the other. The ribosomes are attached to the Rough ER, or ER in general. Ribosomes are constructed within the nucleolus. They are
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chapter 7 - 1.Why do lysosomes have H+ pumps? Is the H+...

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