Bio 5 - 1) The smooth endoplasmic reticulum is a series of...

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1) The smooth endoplasmic reticulum is a series of weaving sheets which make up channels. These regulate what goes in and out of the cell and also helps with cell-to-cell recognition. Enzymes within the ER help to catalyze a variety of reactions often involving synthesis of lipids and carbohydrates. The ER also helps with detoxification of hazardous materials. 2) The amount of smooth or rough ER is relative to the size of the cell 3) Peroxisomes detoxify molecules by removing electrons and then adding hydrogen atom to them. It can break down hydrogen peroxide into water and oxygen because of its catalyzing properties. 4) Lysosomes contain the enzyme catalase, which helps to safely break down the dangerous and lethal hydrogen peroxide. 5) Glyoxysomes are a special kind of microbody found in plant cells. They have enzymes that convert fats into carbohydrates. 6) Vesicles from the ER make their way to the cis face and fuse here with the Golgi Apparatus. The molecules that were inside now pass through a series of channels until they reach the discharging end of the Apparatus. This side is called the trans face. As the molecules are moving from cis to trans, they pick up glycoprotein and glycoplipid cell- surface markers. These modified molecules collect at either side of the Golgi apparatus in cisternae to later be released on the trans end. 7) The Golgi apparatus modifies molecules, which are trying to be transport to other areas of the cell, by adding cell-surface markers. These then help to determine where exactly the cell is going to go and where it needs to be distributed. It picks up the vesicles from the ER to make sure they go to the right place. 8) The cis side of the golgi apparatus receives molecules. The trans side pumps these out.
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Bio 5 - 1) The smooth endoplasmic reticulum is a series of...

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