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Bio1 - 1 Biology or the study of life must be applied to...

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1) Biology, or the study of life, must be applied to “living” things. Something is alive if it has cellular organization (building blocks that perform actions necessary to survival), Order (hierarchy of molecular structures), Sensitivity (reacting to the outside world), Growth, development and reproduction (the ability to grow or increase one’s self in order to become more adept), Making use of acquired and produced energy, Adaption (encounters with other things or creatures and as a result able to survive more naturally in its environment), Homeostasis (having a constant and balanced inside, different from your surrounding world). 2) An Isotope is essentially a certain element that has a different amount of protons than it normally would. C14, one of carbon’s isotopes (Carbon is balanced at c12) is used for carbon dating and to figure out the half life of fossils. 3) Depending on how many valence shell electrons an element has determines how it is going to bond. Elements in the first column on the period table tend to lose electrons in
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