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Biology 6 - 1) The fluid mosaic model is a composition of...

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1) The fluid mosaic model is a composition of transmembrane proteins, an interior protein network, and cell surface markers all of which live in and around the phospholipid bilayer of cell membranes. This was an innovative theory because the known fluidity of the bilayer lead many scientists to think that the plain was homogenous. However, the fluid mosaic model proposes that proteins are actually imbedded and anchored in the membrane. Proteins exist inside the membrane and are therefore able to pass substance from the extracellular fluid into the cytoplasm or vice versa. The membrane gets its shape from the interior protein network that allows for reinforcement. The Cell surface markers appear on the outside of the cell in the shape of glycolipids or glycoproteins. This glycocalyx essentially identify the cell and certain areas for other molecules on the outside. The membrane itself is lined with a matrix of fibers that support the shape. 2) The proteins within the membrane perform various tasks to better the efficiency and needs of the cell with its surrounding interactions. Transport proteins are very specific channels or carriers that allow for substances to either leave or enter the cell. A channel has things flow through its charged inside whereas a carrier actually picks up and physically moves these substances through its interior. Protein enzymes perform reactions where one molecule enters the protein and leaves with different, better qualities. A cell surface receptor is interesting because essentially, a reaction occurs on one side of
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Biology 6 - 1) The fluid mosaic model is a composition of...

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