27 - [email protected] Matt Schauer TA Wong Kim Ark...

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[email protected] Matt Schauer – TA Wong Kim Ark – Chinese exclusion Act – 1880 “yellow peril” - If he were not an American citizen, he would have been excluded under the Chinese exclusion act - Born in the United States, therefore a citizen - 14 th Amendment gives him right to due process - Wants to compare revised statutes of 1866 acts before it was revised to point out that they actually mean the same thing – subject to the jurisdiction thereof - “Of every race and color” – people do have rights despite changes and we need to take a broad view o Uses debates to show how people look down on the Chinese race o Uses Mongolia to talk about Chinese Naturalization – Chinese Exclusion Act said Chinese could not be naturalized - Europeans and all others were allowed – US citizenship - If you are born here, even if your parents are not citizens of the US, then it makes no difference - 14 th amendment immediately applied to freedmen after the civil war, did not have to be naturalized if they were born here - Becoming a citizen by virtue where you are born o Unless Wong Kim renounces his citizenship, then Congress is not allowed to take that away from him Calvin’s Case (1608) Calvin, Scotish man, born in Scotland after
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27 - [email protected] Matt Schauer TA Wong Kim Ark...

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