10 - Government promotion of enterprise how much should be...

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Government promotion of enterprise – how much should be done or left to private industry “People should support the government, but the government should not support the people” - Business corporations proliferated – most states passed general incorporation laws - Tax revenue – application revenue - If there is a lawsuit, your state is the home of the business and thus the legislation - New Jersey – mother of corporations in the 19 th century – great source of revenue o Lax rules about what corporations had to abide by – minimal intrusion, maximum freedom – given incentives for companies to move to their state - Efforts of states to regulate out-of-state businesses within their own state o Whether corporations competed with local businesses o Butchers and refrigerators illegalization - A&P – giving out free tea-cups along with purchases – local merchants thought this was unfair competition - Keep out-of-state insurance companies out of certain states – health and welfare measure to consider who sold insurance policies (separate rules) - Period in which licensing businesses and professions took off (not just doctors and lawyers but barbers and plumbers) Tariffs - Protect manufacturing – farmers thought tariffs were too high - Tariffs generate a lot of revenue (idea by Hamilton – protect industry, subject on the report of manufacturing) o Protect infant industries from abroad Increasing pensions to Civil War Veterans – lots of lobbyists - Give pensions to people who have been slaves in the 1890s – many were poor and old and children were poor and because of the labor that they had done for free they deserved
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10 - Government promotion of enterprise how much should be...

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