15 - Wise Decisions As voter registration declines less...

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“Wise Decisions” As voter registration declines, less democracy (Late 19 th Century) - More contributions of money and lobbyists (special interests) - When women can vote, they only vote like their husbands do - Mugwumps didn’t think that with their reforms there was going to be less participation (maybe wanted a more educated, select group of people to be voting) - Want the common man, ordinary people to vote – immigrants Senators elected by State legislator until 17 th Amendment – Senators thought to represent big money interests Takings Clause - Government cannot take property without just compensation - Pennsylvania had passed the Kohler Act (protection for people who were mining coal even when it undermined their old property) - Coal company already had rights to mine in the area - If the private owner wanted to prevent miners in the area, he should have done protected against that in the first place Federal regulation of the public interest - Interstate commerce and commission (ICC) – development of oversight committees o Something had to be done about the railroads, complaints from the people o Gov needs to appear to be helping the people, but does not want to impede the railroads too much (don’t injure the shareholders) - Separation of powers, is there anything in the Constitution about administrative agencies? - Does anyone have to abide by these agencies? -
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15 - Wise Decisions As voter registration declines less...

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