(FinalDraft) Research Paper(Egyptian Jewelry)

(FinalDraft) Research Paper(Egyptian Jewelry) - Jimenez 1...

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Jimenez 1 Jennifer Jimenez Professor Maddison ENC 1101 11 December 2006 “Bling, bling!” That is a term used today for an accessory that shimmers and shines. Though teenagers are the only ones that use that term, “bling, bling” types of jewelry has been around even before they were born. It dates back all the way to the Egyptian times, when the pharaohs and the wealthy Egyptians wore jewelry to express themselves and to show off that they had the money to afford it. It wasn’t only worn by women, but men as well. The historical background of Egyptian jewelry revealed the elements that made it up, which led to what it displayed, to what it symbolized, and what it was composed of. Around the time of Christianity in Egypt, Egyptians made jewelry that displayed their beliefs. It would show images that represented their god; images like a cross, a pigeon, a branch leaf, or an ancient Ankh sign. Egyptians also used jewelry to tell a story of their past or a certain event that occurred in their life (Hall). It’s possible to plot the background of the people and events through the type of jewelry they wore, which is
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(FinalDraft) Research Paper(Egyptian Jewelry) - Jimenez 1...

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