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Brian Cohen Classical Mythology Monster Killers: Perseus and Apollo In Greek Mythology, the gods are portrayed as great heroes, wealthy, and monster-killers. There are many stories that explain the story behind the life of that god and why they are who they are. In the stories “Metamorphosis” and “Anthology of Classical Mythology”, The gods are based around the idea of being a monster killer, a similar trend paves the way for the story. The beginning of these stories usually starts with background to the birth of the god and then it is followed by an obstacle of some kind for the god to survive or defeat; soon after, they spread the word of their great deeds by promoting it and attracting capital wealth through self-promotion. After this, they often stumble across a virgin beauty in which they wish to obtain and marry. The female does not want the god in flees or the beauty is taken away by a different, but equal force. The god is sent on a chase and/or a mission in which they conquer a great beast in attempt to win over the virgin beauty. The god is often a beast in their chase of snatching the virgin beauty they are chasing acting identical to the monsters that they are slaying. This is followed by the completion of their mission which often requires a great monster, who is connected to the gods in some way, to be killed. The god thus proves his worth to a father god, who then gives the beauty over to the god without giving the girl a choice in the matter. This concludes with the god, who acts a whole lot like a rapist in their actions, in getting the girl they had been chasing. The common trend behind these gods is that they are omnipotent over women, violent, beast-
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Greek Mythology - Brian Cohen Classical Mythology Monster...

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