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spanish extra credit

spanish extra credit - Al Lenhart Bilinguals and Borders...

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Al Lenhart Bilinguals and Borders: Conflicting Constructions of Bilingualism among U.S.-Mexico Transfronterizos Speaker: Ana Celia Zentella Ana Celia Zentella's presentation was about research that had been done to study the experience of Mexicans that lived along/around the border. In particular, the study most heavily focused on “Transfronterizos” and the difference between life for those who live in San Diego versus those who live in Tijuana. The study focused on reinforcing or challenging the ideals of bilingualism as well as challenging negative narratives of the failure of these Mexicans in “academia”. She notes that Tijuana is Mexico's fastest growing city and that there is also a large population in the San Diego area that are from Tijuana. The average household in San Diego makes $33,883 while the average family income in Tijuana is $9,912. However, 45% of Hispanics living in San Diego make less than $25,000 per year. Due to this huge disparity, many Transfronterizos who live in Tijuana travel across the border to attend
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