Feb 12 - HD 370- Feb 12 1.Dream Structure &...

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Unformatted text preview: HD 370- Feb 12 1.Dream Structure & Neurotic Structure 3.Freuds tri-part theory of the mind 5.The modern version of Freuds Theory: Signal Anxiety and Compromise Formation 7.Applying Freud to Fat Lady , a case study by Irvin Yalom 5. Philosophical Traditions and Contemporary Psychological Assessment Freuds Major Point The mechanism of dream-construction is the model of the manner in which neurotic symptoms arise.- rigid neurotic symptoms (OCD symptoms, physical symptoms without psychological cause) work the same way dreams work- page 308- case example: woman whose husband owns factory, obsessed with idea that man is having an affair even though she knows it is not true- Freud says that she is in love with her son in law and that is so forbidden that she has projected those feelings onto her husband, she cant consciously know those feelings so she projects it- Page 326- Case 2: 19 year old with sleep-ceremonial Tri-Partite Structure ID biological urges, sexual & aggressive drives, energy PLEASURE PRINCIPLE EGO the dawning executive part of the mind, the self which also decides which urges to gratify or to delay REALITY PRINCIPLE (mediator between id and superego) SUPEREGO the internalized parent; morals and standards of society The Ego in Action- Keep Cain from Killing Abel- Aggressive wish (ID): push my sister Hannah down the Stairs - Her ego had to hide her impulses and project it to her husband- Signal anxiety- hide bad wish, fear of consequences, ego suppresses the wish by mobilizing defense (reaction formation) turn wish into acceptable opposite- ex. Homosexuals that are first homophobic- Aggressive Wish: Push My Sister Hannah Down the Stairs (woman fear of losing son in law) - Signal Anxiety: Fear of Losing Our Parents Love for us (fear of losing love of family, society) - Ego: Moves to Suppress the Wish By Mobilizing (suppress feelings by projecting) - A Defense: Reaction Formation Dont Fall Hannah! (upset at husband)- there are no bad feelings or thoughts, only bad feelings or actions, it only matters what you do, you shouldnt feel guilty about the feelings you have Compromise Formation- Conscious wish is in conflict with- Unconscious wishes - Student who goes to school and realizes he cant get any work done- goes to Gannett- Conscious wish: succeed at Cornell...
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Feb 12 - HD 370- Feb 12 1.Dream Structure &...

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