Feb 14 - From Psychoanalysis to Clinical Psychology,...

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Unformatted text preview: From Psychoanalysis to Clinical Psychology, Diagnosis & Assessment (I), and H amlet’s T rauma (at last) 1. Brief Review from Tuesday: Objective vs. Projective traditions in Clinical Psychology 2. Westen – and the Scientific legacy of Freud 3.Hamlet meets his father (trauma means dream in German…) 4.What is a Psychological Assessment? 5.“Jim’s” Psychological Testing signal anxiety- mobilizes defenses ex. Ben is my older brother and part of me wants to hurt him because everyone thinks that he is better than me. But I cant totally hurt him because I’m 6 and he’s 12 and that’s not right. - signal anxiety will mobilize defenses to keep some of those feelings from consciousness- say: “I’m really mad at you”, and then get ashamed or sad and just want him to like me- starts early when they start getting in conflict with their parents, they learn to mask feelings by developing defense- universal, but may look different from culture from culture, but every culture has these!- Signal anxiety explains why you are having the conflict that you are having- We have a wide range of conflicting feelings to everything that is important to us- also t rue about the people we love- it is hard to deal with feelings/thoughts/wishes that are in conflict How do psychologists access clinical problems? Psychology’s 2 traditions: 1.Introspection – a careful examination of mental experience, including subjectivity, emotion, memory, perception, or consciousness itself. (philosophy- how we project things onto the world) 2.Observation– a careful exploration of mental functioning that can measured, including reaction times, visual acuity, neuromuscular functioning. (objective)- t ry to make judgments: how distressed is this person? I ts always a work in progress, how impulsive? How strong?...
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Feb 14 - From Psychoanalysis to Clinical Psychology,...

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