Feb 19 - Projective & Objective Tests, Class Assessment...

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Prelim: everything up till today: Freud, Assessment, Hamlet - know basic ideas of Freud, know major ideas in Freud - psychic-continuity, dreams, psychosexual stages, how he talks about it Today’s Lecture 1. The Illusion of Mental Health (Shedler) 2. Class Assessment Data 3. Jim – slipping between the categories 4. Hamlet meets his father 5. And onto the brain … A psychologist comes to do a testing… (a psychologist is trained to do testing, psychoanalytical testing, personality testing, etc.) What’s in her bag? 1. IQ test – Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - useful to know overall intelligence but more importantly for diagnostic purposes, some disorders have problems with certain tests 2. Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory – yes/no questions, computer scored - 500 questions, objective test 3. Hamilton Depression Rating Scale – structured interview - specifically asks questions about depressive symptoms 4. Thematic Apperception Test – projective, pictures that prompt narratives - 12 pictures with each one say make up a story with a beginning, middle, end, what are people thinking and feeling 5. Rorschach Test – projective, series of inkblots - neurologists say it is the best test to give a psychotic process- they will see stuff that we can’t imagine Why the “Objective” wing hates Projectives. . 1. Patients don’t answer them the same way … unstructured test different than structured 2. Their data can’t be easily quantified. No scoring rules 3. The data only captures one moment in time. (if you are in an especially bad mood when you are taking it it will influence the results a lot) 4. The data can be misinterpreted, over-interpreted by the tester. 5. It is used by psychodynamic clinicians who rely on the out-moded ideas of the unconscious. Why the Projective wing hates Self-report measures. . 1. Patients are forced to complex questions on a 4 or 7 point rating scale.- we have to
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Feb 19 - Projective & Objective Tests, Class Assessment...

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