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Feb 21 - Todays Lecture 1 Prelim Outline 2 Hamlet and his...

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Today’s Lecture 1. Prelim Outline 2. Hamlet and his father 3. The brain (first approach) 4. Drugs and neurons Prelim I 1. It is made up of 10 short answer questions, each worth 10 points. 2. You will choose two questions from each of these 5 topics: Part 1: Freudian Slips & Dreams: Part 2: Freudian Developmental Theory a. “The Laughing Man” Part 3: Freudian Neurosis & Signal Anxiety b. “Fat Lady” Part 4: Assessment & Diagnosis i. Westen’s article on Freud Part 5: Hamlet –theme, structure, Freudian resonance 3. How to prepare Review each section of Freud, make sure you understand the mechanism he is explaining, be familiar with his major examples Go over your notes from lectures and the powerpoints; Review the readings, including “Fat Lady,” the Westen article, “The Laughing Man,” Make sure you read Act I of Hamlet before the exam. 4. Sample Questions Define free association and psychic continuity. Describe the relationship between both of these terms and explain why they are important in dream interpretation. In “The Sense of Symptoms,” Freud explained the case of a nineteen-year-old woman who had to perform certain rituals to get to sleep. Describe the case and Freud’s interpretation of it.
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Describe and explain the case of the woman who could not rid herself of the idea that her husband was having an affair. What “sense” did her symptoms make? Define “countertransference” and describe it affected Yalom’s treatment of Betty. Hamlet Act 1- scene 5 - The ghost tells h a mlet th at his d a d was m urd ered a nd co mplains th at his wife m arried quickly a n d m arried so m eon e inferior to hims elf, but tells him not to h his m oth er - Ghost s ays “Re m e m b er m e” (91)- it is at this m o m e nt that Ha mlet sounds
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