March 25 - H ow Antipsychotics Work, Schizophrenia &...

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How Antipsychotics Work, Schizophrenia & Psychotherapy, The Message of R.D. Laing Know basic mechanisms of neurons, theories of depression, bipolarity, schizophrenia, how medications work, classes of neurotransmitters Today’s Lecture 1. Schizophrenia Review 2. First Generation (typical) Antipsychotics a. Second Generation (atypical) Antipsychotics 2. R.D. Laing and the Divided Profession 3. Back in Elsinore … Schizophrenia: The Neurodevelopmental Disorder 1. Start with a genetic liability 2. Add intrauterine trauma, infection, stress 3. Add environmental, psychological stress 4. And you have a “schizotype” someone expressing some symptoms of neurological deficits, or … 5. prodromal or acute onset schizophrenia after puberty … If only a fraction of people with schizophrenic liability develop schizophrenia Then we don’t have to study only people with schizophrenia. We can study people with schizophrenic liability … we call them schizotypes , and the ways that they differ from healthy comparison subjects are called
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March 25 - H ow Antipsychotics Work, Schizophrenia &...

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