syllabus - 1 Psychology 325/HD 370 Spring 2007 Cornell...

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Psychology 325/HD 370 Harry Segal, Ph.D. Spring 2007 Room 222 Uris Hall Cornell University phone: 255-6434 email: [email protected] Introduction to Adult Psychopathology Required Texts* (to be found in the Campus Store) Freud Introductory Lecture on Psychoanalyis Liverwright Meyer/Quinzer Psychopharmacology: Drugs, The Brain & Behavior Sinauer Green Schizophrenia Revealed: From Neurons to Social Interactions Norton Shakespeare Hamlet Oxford University Press Kingdon/Turkington Cognitive Therapy of Schizophrenia Guilford Sign-Up For Blackboard Website To find the required supplemental readings which you can download or read on-line, as well as the full syllabus, prelim dates, and course polices, you must create an account with Blackboard, then self-enroll on the course website. If you don’t have an account with Blackboard, go here: . Use “psychopathology” as the Access Code. Shakespeare You’re expected to slowly read Hamlet during the term, about one act every 3 weeks or so. Always bring your text of Hamlet to class. We won’t be discussing it each time, but you’ll want to have it available on the days that we do. (Shakespeare understood clinical psychology better than anyone, alive or dead.) This material will be covered on the prelims and final. Course Requirements and Grading: First of all, this is a very demanding course. Students are expected to read and consider at least 100 pages of material each week . Attendance at all lectures is mandatory. The readings are meant to provide a structure and background to the lectures – only some of them will be discussed in lecture. However, you are responsible for all material covered in the assigned readings as well as all lecture presentations for the course examinations. Examinations: There will be two (2) preliminary examinations and a comprehensive final examination . See the course website for descriptions of the structure and format of the exams. Evening Prelims:
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syllabus - 1 Psychology 325/HD 370 Spring 2007 Cornell...

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