ENEE244hw07 - ENEE244: Homework #7 (1101), Assigned:...

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A combinational network is specified by the following Boolean functions. Implement the network with AND and/or NAND gates along with a 3-to-8 line decoder constructed with NAND gates. Use a block diagram for the decoder as shown below. Your network must minimize the total number of inputs to the external gates. f 2 ( x, y, z ) = xyz + xyz f 3 ( x, y, z ) = xz + xy + yz f 1 ( x, y, z ) = xz + xyz _ _ _ __ _ __ _ ENEE244: Homework #7 (1101), Assigned: 04/14/11, Due: 12:30 pm, 04/21/11 Notes : You are required to show the process to derive your solution. Otherwise, only 10% partial credit will be given. 2* Realize the Boolean function defined by the following Karnaugh map, using a single 4-to-1-line multiplexer with variables x and w on its select lines S 1 and S 0 , respectively, and at most three 2-to-1-line multiplexers with the variable z on their select line S 0 . Assume double rail logic. 1
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ENEE244hw07 - ENEE244: Homework #7 (1101), Assigned:...

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