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Unformatted text preview: Discuss the similarities and differences between prescriptive process models and agile process models. What situations might make you choose one over the other? Prescriptive process models were proposed to better organize software development. It has made better structure work to software engineering. They prescribe a set of instructions which makes up the process elements broken down in to framework activities, software engineering actions, tasks, work products, quality assurance, and change control mechanisms.The agile process models are made fast and for customer satisfaction and early delivery. They require less engineering work and are developed to simplicity. Also they are open to more change than prescriptive models. The situation that will makechoose one over the other will depend on the simplicity or advanced project. If it were a simple work product that can be made fast and simple and satisfy the customer I would go with agile process model. On the other hand if were the opposite of this a prescriptive model would be the best route....
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