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NAME _________________________________________ (PRINT YOUR NAME) EBME 306- Introduction to Biomaterials Quiz #10 - 10 POINTS DIRECTIONS: Choose the BEST answer that follows each question or statement. ( 1 point each ). Clearly print your answer in the blank space at the left. _____ A ____1. Another name or term for a molecule that binds to an antibody is an: A. antigen B. enzyme C. immunogen D. immunoglobulin _____ A ____2. Which of the following is only associated with the Classical, but not Alternative Pathway of complement activation? A. antigen-antibody mediated activation B. biomaterial mediated activation C. formation of terminal complex (MAC) D. release of C3a and C5a _____ C ____3. Proliferation of fibroblasts around biomaterials to cause fibrous encapsulation is mediated by which group of molecules? A. arachdonic acid pathway molecules B. complement factors C. growth factor family of molecules D. major histocompatibility molecules _____ C ____4. Which of the following complement factors dampen or help inhibit complement
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Unformatted text preview: activation on biomaterial surfaces? A. Factors A and B B. Factors B and D C. Factors H and I D. Factors V and VII _____ D ____5. A transplant of a pig valve to a human is a/an: A. allograft B. autograft C. isograft 1 D. xenograft * * * NOTE CHANGE in QUESTION TYPE * * * 6-10 . The structure of a typical antibody molecule (IgG) is depicted below. Fill in the blank with the appropriate response with a word, words or phrase . A hint is given. ( 1 point each ) A B C D E 6 . At A: ______ binds antigen _____________________(one biologic function of this binding region) 7 . At B: ______ light chain or kappa, lambda ________(specific name of this chain type) 8 . At C: ______ disulfide or S-S ____________________(name of this chemical bond) 9 . At D: ______ carbohydrates _____________________(molecules often associated with this chain type) 2 10 . At E: _______ complement activation, binds to cells ___(one biologic function of this binding region) 3...
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45476946-EBME-306-QUIZ-10-2010-Version-1-With-Answers -...

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