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Course Syllabus and Outline - Fall 2011

Course Syllabus and Outline - Fall 2011 - EBME 306...

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EBME 306: Introduction to Biomaterials – Fall 2011 Course Description: Applications of biomaterials in different tissue and organ systems. Relationship between physical and chemical structure of materials and biological system response. Choosing, fabricating and modifying materials for specific biomedical applications. Biomaterials (NIH definition): Any material, natural or synthetic or a combination thereof, which can be used for any period of time, as a whole or as a part of a biological system which treats, augments, or replaces any tissue, organ, or function of the system. Course Outcomes: 1. Recognize how the core concept of structure-function relationship is used in designing and analyzing the behavior of biomaterials. (This helps fulfill ABET outcome c “An ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs.”) 2. Recognize that the variety of available polymers is used when taking a modular approach to the design, synthesis and behavior of biomaterials. (This also helps fulfill ABET outcome c.) 3. Gain an ability to identify and apply fundamental concepts of physiology, chemistry, mechanics, and materials science in the field of biomaterials engineering. (This helps fulfill ABET outcome a, “An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering.) Location: Rockefeller 301 Auditorium (Physics Building) 4:00pm-4:50pm M-W-F Instructors: Prof. Anirban Sen Gupta(Course Coordinator) Office: 519 Wickenden Email: axs262 Phone: x4564 Office Hours: appointment Prof. Jeffrey Capadona Email: jrc35 Phone: Office Hours: appointment Office: 110 Wickenden Prof. Steven J. Eppell Office: 203 Wickenden Email: sje Phone: x4067 Office Hours: appointment Prof. Nicholas P. Ziats Office: Wolstein 5143 Email: npz Phone: x5176 Office Hours: appointment Teaching Assistants: Jennifer Bastijanic (Biomaterials grad student, Advisor: Marchant) Sonia Merritt (Biomaterials grad student, Advisor: von Recum) Jessica Nguyen (Biomaterials grad student, Advisor: Capadona) The TAs will have specific office hours for the convenience of students (TBA).
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Textbook: Biomaterials: The Intersection of Biology and Materials Science 2008, J.S. Temenoff and A.G. Mikos, Pearson/Prentice Hall –required— . Please bring the book to class. Grading: Exams I, II and III 20 points each. Quizzes and HWs 15 points, Random Daily Questions 5 points, Final Exam 20 points (all scaled). Recitation and Review Sessions: Held by TAs at a place and time to be determined after the start of class. These are question-answer and discussion sessions. TA’s will not be preparing summaries for discussions but the discussions should be initiated by students. TA’s do not know what will be on the quizzes or exams and so do not focus discussions in that direction. Before each exam there will be a special review session held by the instructor(s). Media Vision
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Course Syllabus and Outline - Fall 2011 - EBME 306...

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