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Discussion Forum 2 - donating makes them feel important e...

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Why do people give? a. A relationship between the donor and the fundraiser – As kids, most of us asked our parents and other family members to purchase something from us to help out a cause (school fundraising, Girl Scout cookies, magazines sales). Many of these donations were made just because they were our friends or family. b. A personal connection to the charity – A person who has cancer or is a cancer survivor is more likely to donate to a cancer fund than someone who doesn’t even know someone that has cancer. c. The desire to join a cause to stand for or against a particular issue – Many issues are too large for one person to make a difference, but donating to an organization that has many donors is a good way to bring about change. d. Recognition – Many times, donor are recognized. Lots of people love to have their egos boosted, and
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Unformatted text preview: donating makes them feel important. e. It's just the right thing to do What makes you contribute to an organization? I tend to give to organizations that I have a personal connection to. Having had close relatives die of cancer, the majority of my donations are to cancer based organizations. All of the donations I've ever made have been anonymous, so I guess I don't do it for recognition. Knowing I'm helping out is good enough for me. What motivates your friends or family members? Most of my family donates to the same organizations that I do. Cancer is really the only disease that has greatly affected our family, so the donations are mostly to cancer organizations. My family is very active in the rodeo world, so Tough Enough To Wear Pink and Ride Rank For A Cure are two of the organizations we have given a lot of money to....
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