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F3 - Abstract In this report an experiment about measuring...

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Abstract : In this report, an experiment about measuring the sand particles diameter in a bed was discussed.In order to calculate the diameter , the minimum fluidization velocity must be found.Air flowing from a compressor is passed through the fluidised sand bed .Pressure drop was measured at different flowrates . Graphically, the minimum fluidisation velocity was .082 m/s while 3.00E-04m was found to be the average diameter of sand particles with an error percentage of 71.1%.It was high. The average pressure drop was 7.88E+02 with error percentage of 90.5%. It was high also, reasons for high error percentage will be discussed in the report.
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Introduction: Fluidized bed are commonly used in chemical industries.The main purpose to use them is to increase both the surface area and the contact time between the solid and the fluid.In our experiment the fluidized bed is built from two opposite glass walls sealed and filled with sand .At the bottom , a compressor is connected and the air flow upwards ,the pressure drop is measured by a connected rotameter,also,the bed height must be noted down for each run.
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