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ABSTRACT : The objective of this exp. Is to measure the flow rate by using Pitot tube, orifice plate and venturi flow meters. The idea of this exp. was to record the manometer reading at different flow rates and also, record the time needed to fill the vessel tank up to 5.0 liters. The velocities for the readings of pitot tube were calculated and the errors was taken, also, the flow rates and their errors for orifice plate and venturi were calculated. In the other, the experimental discharge coefficients for orifice and venturi
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Unformatted text preview: were calculated by plotting. The coefficients of orifice and venturi are 1.1955,0.9233,respectively; the errors of these coefficients were 92.8% and 5.78%. INTRODUCTION : It is important in chemical engineering to take the measurment of the flow rates in pipes. There are several devices used for this purpose such as a pitot tube, orifice plate and venturi. These devices are used to measure the preasure drop by the use of a manometer and converting the pressures to flow rates by different equations. THEORETICAL BACKGROUND :...
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