Essay #1 Textual Analysis

Essay #1 Textual Analysis - Brian Cohen 9/19/07 English 101...

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Brian Cohen 9/19/07 English 101 Human Impression Through the experiences of others, we can gain knowledge and wisdom about the world we live in. In the story “The Necessity to Speak”, author Sam Hamill tells us about domestic violence. Sam was once a marine stationed in Japan; he teaches a creative writing class for women, and he has been put in jail for abusing his wife. In the story, there is a consistent pattern of violence in which one individual acts as executioner and the other a victim. It is reflected through symbols and scenarios that reflect a feeling of anger, calmness, and shock. The imagery amplifies the theme generating the flow of this text as strong, loud, out spoken, and packed with knowledge and wisdom. Through my interpretation, he uses the imagery as a poetic device to express his feelings toward society’s actions in politics, modern movie/television, and in the family nuclei. Thus an underlying commonality is revealed, which states that in almost every scenario, there will almost always be a victim and an executioner. The first evidence provided by the author is a set of statistics about men on death row. The information reflects a statement about the theme of victim and executioner. He states that, “presently fifteen hundred men are on death row in the United States… ninety-two percent of these men were battered children” ( Hamill 546). He uses this statement to establish an uneasy feeling, which leads to frustration with society. “The victim of rape earns our sympathy. But we discipline our children with a belt or a stick or a fist.”( Hamill 547) He uses this to explain a brutal truth about society and present a common theme : there is always a victim and an
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executioner. As we read on through the text, he begins to express this theme through various examples revealing a common thread between
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Essay #1 Textual Analysis - Brian Cohen 9/19/07 English 101...

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