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Discussion of Results - directly These devices are mainly...

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Discussion of Results: In this experiment, we measured the flow rates in pipes by using three types of devices. These are: a Pitot tube, an Orfice plate and a Venturi meter. -Pitot tube: Pitot tube is mainly used to measure the point velocity and from this we can calculate the flow rate. I found from the calculation in table 1, that when the pressure drop increasing, the flow rate also increasing. Also, I compared between the values (V)exp with the values of the (V)the and I found the error is not exceed 7.85%. The source of error may due to the error in taking exact 5liter/sec by human eyes. -Orifice & Venturi tube: These devices are used to measuring the flow rates in pipes
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Unformatted text preview: directly. These devices are mainly similar to each other. However, the pressure drop in the orifice tube is higher than in the Venturi. Therefore, the head loss in the Venturi is lower than in the orifice. On the other hand, Venturi is more expensive than the orifice tube. I found from the calculation in table 2 and 3 that the error in comparing between (Q)exp and (Q)the are not exceed 5.70% for the orifice and 6.73% for the Venturi. The source of error may due to poor reading the manometer, measuring exact 5liter/sec for each run and may have some leaking in some part of the devices....
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