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Abstract - The volume in this experiment is fixed at 5liter...

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Abstract: In industries, measuring the flow rates in pipes or channels is common and important processes. In this experiment, flow rates in pipes are measured by using three types of devices. These are: a Pitote tube, a Venturi, and an orifice. Flow rates are measured directly by the Venturi and the orifice meter. While, the Pitote tube used to indicate the point velocity, then the flow rates can be calculated.
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Unformatted text preview: The volume in this experiment is fixed at 5liter for each run. Then, the flow rates are measured by each device. The errors in comparing flow rates and velocities experimentally and theoretically are ranged between 0.9899 and 6.73%. Also, the discharge coefficient for both the orifice and the Venturi are found as 0.9327 and 1.0156 respectively and the error is 3.63 and 50.43% respectively....
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