Conclusions and Recommendation - 7 th edition 3.Welly R...

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Conclusions and Recommendation : In this experiment, we found out that the diffusion coefficient varies from one compound to another .because some compounds are more volatile than others at certain temperatures and pressures. We observed that the molecular diffusion of gases is a very slow process, the largest value of D ab was 0.3172cm 2 /sec for acetone. One might recommend the use an electronic microscope that monitors the change in the height of the interface and record it instead of the human eye for a better accuracy if such a device exists. Literature Cited : 1. “Chemical Engineering Laboratory Manual”, pp# M1(121-131). Department  of Chemical Engineering, KFUPM, 2 nd  edition (2001). 2. Perry Robert H. Perry’s Chemical Engineers’ Handbook
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Unformatted text preview: , 7 th edition. 3.Welly R. Fundamentals of Momentum, Heat, and Mass Transfer ,3 rd edition. Nomenclature : D AB = Molar molecular diffusion coefficient of A in B . h = Diffusion path-length. M A = Molecular weight. N A = Molar fluxes. P A = Vapor pressure of pure chemical. S = slope. ν = Contribution to atomic-diffusion volume. ρ L = Density of chemical. Ω D = Collision integral. T: temperature (k) P: pressure in tube (atm) t: time (sec) h: diffusion path length (cm) R: ideal gas law constant (82.06 atm cm3 / mol k)...
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Conclusions and Recommendation - 7 th edition 3.Welly R...

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