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COURSE OBJECTIVE: 1. To develop an understanding of the behavior of structures subject to axial, bending, shearing, torsional or pressure loadings [1, 3, 5] 1 . COURSE OUTCOMES: 1. To calculate forces and moments for simple structures: links, trusses, bars, beams and pressure vessels. 2. To calculate normal and shear stresses under elastic conditions. 3. To calculate principal stresses and maximum shear and to apply ductile failure criteria. 4. To calculate deformations of structures. ASSESSMENT TOOLS: 1. Daily homeworks. 2. 2 one and a half hour tests. 3. 1 final exam. 1 Numbers in brackets correspond to Program outcomes. COURSE #: NUCL 273 COURSE TITLE: MECHANICS OF MATERIALS TERMS OFFERED: Fall, Spring, Summer PREREQUISITES: ME 270 TEXTBOOKS/REQUIRED MATERIAL: F. P. Beer and E. R. Johnston, Mechanics of Materials, 4th ed., Mc.
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Unformatted text preview: Graw-Hill, 2006. COGNIZANT FACULTY: Bertodano DATE OF PREPARATION: September 25, 2006 INSTRUCTOR(S): Bertodano SCIENCE/DESIGN: 2.5 cr. / 0.5 cr. CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Analysis of stress and strain; equations of equilibrium and compatibility, stress-strain laws; extension, torsion and bending of bars; membrane theory of pressure vessels; elastic stability, elected topics. COURSE TOPICS: Material properties; loads, reactions, axial load: stress and deformation, including statically indeterminate systems, axial force, shear force, bending moments, flexural stresses in beams, shear stresses in beams, beam deflections, torsion: stress and deformation, including statically indeterminate systems, combined loadings; elastic stress analysis and design, elastic buckling....
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