Discourse Power Address Analysis (Stuart Price)

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Unformatted text preview: Brian Cohen 02/13/2008 English 102 Summary of Article It is apparent that the public opinion and the media have a very strong connection to one another. The scholarly book I chose “Discourse Power Address: The politics of Public Communication” , is written by a senior lecturer in media and cultural production at De Monfort University, United Kingdom; Stuart Price. This book written by him is about all the aspects, influences, purposes, strategies, motives, and methods in which commercial and political powers use these to communicate to the public. He has a lot he explains and uses sophisticated terminology to exploit it. The tone that the author writes this paper in is authoritative, yet full of wisdom and reasoning. He addresses every topic in a professional manner and conducts what he is trying to say in the voice mentioned above. The way he uses tone is effective because it gets the reader involved, interested, and talking about the subject. When reading this book, it feels as if he is having a one on one discussion with talking about the subject....
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