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Flexibility Lab- kin 3502 - Makenzie Chaumont KIN 3502...

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Makenzie Chaumont KIN 3502 Section 5 September 28, 2011 Flexibility 1. A safe way to evaluate lower back strength and flexibility is the Lumbar Extension test. However, this test can lead to possible injury from over extension. Another drawback is that measurements may be skewed due to inconsistent placement on the spinous process C7 or the superior iliac. This is also a disadvantage in Lumbar Flexion test, which is also measured from the neck to the lower back; except this test will measure the flexion of the back as opposed to extension. A disadvantage is that sometimes if the participant’s hamstrings are tight, it will limit the amount of flexion you have in your back if you are seated. The Trunk Forward Flexion test also measures trunk flexibility by measuring how far the participant can reach forward while sitting with legs lightly apart and straight. One disadvantage this test brings forth is that it requires hamstring flexibility to achieve ideal test results, which cannot be attained by everyone. The Senior Lower Body Flexibility is different from the Trunk Forward Flexion (Sit-and- Reach) in that it measures flexibility with each leg separately to reduce stress on the lower back. Both of these tests measures hamstring flexibility well, but are not accurate tests for lower back flexibility. This test is performed while sitting in a chair in attempt to reduce stress on the hamstrings as well as the lower back. This may not be a good test of
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Flexibility Lab- kin 3502 - Makenzie Chaumont KIN 3502...

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