lecture15 - L *,"t" cfw_ 6 Cu+, 'l , 70 lo (...

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L**,"t" {6 Cu+, 'l , 70 lo C,rrJd rvtohurri *.' V'l-?''l (k'oe"o^"*r") (ax* ++^'('( 4^^ t*t' g'l'g';-8'1 l, Da 4c(r Lz ^T 't.4/- ru'ah'ni kne'no{rcS . onT (aS t*to''r * 4rt-f,' "q!^t'V z d*T, occn!'u z,a,AT.;f:hK%:!f ,' 3,flohonunNce^**'^^?uU--o'cedl*1re'-{*zan q, (*"+t' f*J a-ce<'(a'c'-{to Q 5 D?n*nn'rcs i 1Y1""*s ':^"#'; 6, -f[" wc-*-qr 6,r-st) f '"od^ek A'o,'r*(,&', og*.rt h.oa*e CJt.lesri (nafT'cntW'-t {z ,!,*n "'*u'n -l*r< )'L^+ fotnJ- '4) ' p)+ Vrxlg 4-,4 Utu"0t 0 pun 'nfr"t A ofx7*r'a: l-ta )onec**'o 4 +Y Ljt'# rs ,::i+, Q* *'v,al t4 a- c { \ /N *\ r )? 4) 'l' B) \t/ <-) q T f) r,+An*K. . ),-f ffi" u,,W,l '!!8 ,i A) t c),t fL-{- [^'dA 't poons 1' tn uuhu'L Jwvc-t'vv " c,rr)u-' c)e D) 4
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Q yot".,L,^y o^g*'fu ^oy'uaa (*u',,-) IJ- (or. ,l** Nq 5 o={ r^J'*9 \., t:M .?oqr*P4 , [n: *r^]ta*J hl-l- .yt":r o'/u 1*^hhet a4' anaCIoya*9 4v fL* 'l '"-t ores' AO, 0+-b; z O-Oo V r,l-*'Fry Au-rlu^i"", NoJ-el etrsn ,{ 11''^^^*'V ?N+,eA< ePngk*"*A +" C tf c/i' 4,9 CQ.'v = ffi ya^* ,tV, r5 Lo ns{^* t yI^*' q o r{<1 ga n d ' nA' -'t '*eo'f l5 n"t rno,r{ oA a0 dt d.€ " a+ 5 C"€, R. AB = A+ }<. y5 & ALr'I (,n Drr Pg,.cerq* @ Tt" (-orlur-t**rPa WV"A'e- ntt ! Ag l' .l-tn* / tA I t/ 4r Aji * A# d^v ^"#{ 7rnercL) ry At/ t-<-tw*rt ,\'ryu onA s 16 AtY'*c'r (o6r tr an t4f-=9 + ; R a+- K i n 1fl A= aL40 / l,* v( - ^\hO A - t' alr+enl'l'€S '' ^^f" V'*-" a{\ .\ """}* sod''w4 (r*u) & * J K ry3* -, a* rq,
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lecture15 - L *,&quot;t&quot; cfw_ 6 Cu+, 'l , 70 lo (...

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