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PHY 302K Unique # 56485 Midterm Exam ff 1 Version 836 Na'me: ?rb ctork UT EID: Guidelines 1. Do not open this exam until instructed to do so. 2. You will have 50 minutes to completrt! the exarn. There are 10 problems, so if any problem takes you more than 5 minutes, you should probably move on to another one. 3. Write all your answers on the provided bubble sheet. Be sure to write and bubble in your name, UT EID, and the three-digit version number. 4. At the end of the exam, turn in the bubble sheet, all your scratch paper, and the formula sheet you brought, along with this exam booklet.
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1 Projectile motion A football is flying under the influence of earth's gravity. The u direction is parallel to the ground, and the 'y direction is perpendicular to the ground. Which statement is correct? a) The speed of the football is constant. b) The speed along y is always greater than the speed along r. c) The speed along r is constant. d) The speed along r is proportional to the speed along g. e) The football only accelerates at its maximal vertical position since the direction of its velocity changes there. Sgro; r) ffi;f :',i'tc€ +L*e ts Ao ac(u'Q"-v*'*'*n 2 'Vector addition Suppose there are two vectors C and, D. Each has a magnitude of 1. The direction of e is 30",
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midterm1 - P HY 3 02K U nique 5 6485 Midterm E xam f f 1...

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