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PSPICE_Assignment_for_February_1_7 - From [email protected]

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From: [email protected] Sent: Monday, January 31, 2005 To: [email protected] Subject: EE 311 Labs Feb. 1-7, 2005 This week a different method will be used to do PSPICE simulations for BJTs. Instead of using small-signal equivalent circuits, the PSPICE Gummel-Poon model will be used. Specifically, we shall use the part QbreakN and rename it QbreakN-163. The PSPICE Gummel-Poon model parameters for the BJT of Problems 5.159 & P5.163 are given in the Lecture 6 Folder in the Lecture Folder in the Course Document Folder on Blackboard on ublearns. Printout this information and bring to lab. Problems 5.159 & P5.163 These problems have been discussed in lecture and solutions have been posted in the Lecture Folder on Blackboard on ublearns. Print out the solutions so that you know what results are expected. This includes the midband input resistance Rin, the midband voltage gain, Am, the upper half-power frequency fH, and the lower half-power frequency fL.
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