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Abnormal Psych february 10cc 2009

Abnormal Psych february 10cc 2009 - Psychiatrist works for...

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Abnormal Psych february 10cc 2009 Interpsychic idea- certain ideas played out in mind (nothing to do with outerworld) Eva- reassured her she was loved by her parents Play therapy/art therapy- expressive play Eva played with doll house~ Death- impacts they are not there for you This girl feels mother isn’t there for her (abandonment) Easier to be alone by self than alone with someone else Somatication- psychic pain transferred to physical pain Pain feels very real Anxiety never gonna go away (eva) is going to rise because her parents are loving
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Unformatted text preview: Psychiatrist works for drugs place ( biologically blamed ) Sex without love is rude Wild animals- suppressed anger Protect and understand – if you love someone you protect them Selfactualizzation- Abraham maslow Humanisticlove system of attributes Conceptualization – cant take what people say and make it true We must use methodology that appropriate at the level for which phenomenom exists One identical twin has schizophrenia the probabability other twin will have is 50...
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