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Unformatted text preview: l views to show you, so I’m going to show you a couple of individual views before we move on to the view from your textbook. You’ll notice that all the views we’re going to see have the same illusionistic outer border that you see here. Most of the mosaic depicts detritus from a very lavish feast of seafood (*), fruit and vegetables, and individual objects are shown with subtle shadows and delicate three‐dimensional modeling, giving the impression that the floor needs to be swept up after an evening meal. But as you can see the mosaic also includes depictions of miniature Egyptian statues and waterfowl. 14 Here’s another view from the same Unswept Floor mosaic—this time not with the messy waste from a feast but with dramatic masks set in a landscape. You can tell that the masks are from the same mosaic because the border is the same design as we saw before. This is also where we find the artist’s signature—Herakleitos has signed his name in Greek. 15 Now we’re looking at the view from your book—the one you’re responsible...
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