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Unformatted text preview: novations made to the temple by Septimius Severus and Caracalla in 202 CE. We’ll talk more about those emperors later in the lecture. The Pantheon was originally preceded by a large courtyard in front of the façade—reconstructed here on the right, and this would have prevented a visitor from seeing the rounded sides of the temple. Since the Roman street level is significantly higher now than it was originally, the courtyard might also have hidden the dome from view, so the visitor would be faced with a fairly common Roman temple façade with a projecting porch. The vast domed interior space, then, would have been quite a surprise. 3 Here are a couple of views of the interior of the Pantheon. The first is a photograph in your book of the view into the dome. On the right is a particularly nice view—a painting by Pannini from about 1750 CE. This view shows us what a photograph can’t, because it gives an impression of what it is like to stand inside the domed space of the Pantheon. And the pai...
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