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Unformatted text preview: und 400 BCE. Zeuxis’ painting depicted a story about a centaur who amused his babies by holding up a lion cub. What we see here is the animals’ retaliation and the battle that followed. A female centaur has been mauled by a centaur and lies at the lower left of the mosaic. A male centaur, having defeated the lion that attacked him, is in the process of attacking the tiger. A spotted leopard looks on at the top left. I’d like you to look carefully at this image in your book and see if you can count the number of individual colors being used just in the horse body of the male centaur. The range of colors and the way that the artist used them to depict three‐ dimensional effects are truly amazing! 13 Our next monument is the Unswept Floor mosaic by Herakleitos. Before we look at the view in your textbook, I want you to be aware that THAT view is much smaller than the original, which decorated the floor of a Roman triclinium or dining room in a wealthy house on the Aventine Hill in Rome. Unfortunately I don’t have any overal...
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