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Unformatted text preview: The coffers of the dome—the square indentations that you see—were most likely decorated with gilded bronze stars or rosettes. In addition to making the dome physically lighter, the coffers also serve to make it visually lighter. If you visit the Pantheon, you will notice that the interior is decorated with a recurring motif of circles and squares, all over the walls and floor. These are all done in expensive colored marble veneer. If you visit on a rainy day or when they wash the floor, the colors of the stones on the floor are realy dramatic! And yes, when it rains, water does come in through the oculus. The floor of the Pantheon is designed to facilitate drainage, with hard‐to‐see oval drains located at the center of several floor pavers. 4 Now I’d like to spend a little time talking about the structure of the Pantheon, because this building really is an engineering marvel. The Pantheon relies upon a multitude of hidden supports and methods by which the structure of the massive dome was lightened. The coffers lighten the dome, as you can see, by cutting into its inner surface, and the oculu...
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