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Unformatted text preview: for. Your reading assignment was an excerpt from Petronius’ Satyricon, which includes a satirical description of a feast put on by a newly rich character named Trimalchio. In extremely poor taste, he feeds his guests all the finest and most expensive of delicacies in an attempt to show off his great wealth. But he ends up coming off as boorish and bad mannered. At one point, he orders servants to sweep up some dishes that had been broken on the floor, along with the trash. Here we have the remnants of such a feast, with recognizable bits of seafood, fruit, vegetables and poultry—there are bones, shells, cherries and grapes, crab legs, and a couple of sea urchins. There’s even a mouse sniffing at the scraps. (*) This gorgeous mosaic probably served three functions for the wealthy homeowner who commissioned it. First, it was based upon a famous Greek painting by Sosos of Pergamon. So it demonstrated the patron’s taste and sophistication and also was in line with the Roman fashion for having copies of famous Greek works in their...
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