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Unformatted text preview: homes. Second, it showed the sorts of delicacies that might be expected at a feast at this home, demonstrating the patron’s wealth. And finally, it made reference to Petronius’ Satyricon, both with the depictions of rubbish on the floor and also with the theatrical masks, thus demonstrating that the patron and his guests were sophisticated enough to be familiar with this work of literature, and also had a sense of humor that allowed them to poke fun at themselves and their celebrations! 16 I said earlier that Hadrian put a stop to Roman expansion of the empire during his reign, and instead concentrated upon strengthening the borders of the Roman empire. We’re going to see a great example of this in Britain: Hadrian’s wall stretched 80 Roman miles across Britain at a narrow part of the great island. According to Hadrian’s biographer, when he became emperor in 117 CE, “The Britons could no longer be held under Roman control.” A huge Roman war memorial has an inscription that tells us that the wall was built “afte...
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