6 - market sucks as well there isnt anything out there...

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6,775,235,700 that is the population of the world as we speak. In our life we have over population everywhere and no offense but I really believe stupid people would quit breeding. Some people just should not make kids. I know when I used to live in Mn there was a lot of people on welfare and people were having babies just so they can get that AFDC check. People were having 8-9 kids just to get free money from the government. I am not racist in any way or form but when you have people that are more than capable of working. I live in North Dakota and there really isn’t crap here unless you are in a big city and the job
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Unformatted text preview: market sucks as well there isnt anything out there anywhere. In Jamestown where I live its a college town but we just had a week straight of rain one nice day and then another week of rain so if u work outdoors youre not working. We also have to deal with flooding this time of year. In Bismarck there flooding bad that is a 100 miles from me we have flooding too. I dont remember the exact number but there is not even 700 thousand people in this state....
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