Darwin imagined that life - Does anyone really truly know...

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Darwin imagined that life (1) might have originated in some small, warm pond. Other biologists have proposed that life began (2) in hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the ocean, (3) in heat-stressed ponds near ancient volcanoes, (4) in clay beds in estuary or bays, (5) in tidal pools, or (6) within bubbles of foam formed by ocean waves. Still other biologists have held that (7) the precursor chemicals of life came to Earth on meteorites. Ok that is what Darwin imagined. Now other people believed there were many other origins of life but many are just skeptical because we have no way of proving something from before our time. Many of these people believe that advanced means nothing more than appeared late in the process. I really want to believe animals were here before we were if you look at work they have done there are trees we really don’t know how old they are.
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Unformatted text preview: Does anyone really truly know who got here first? Dinosaurs or us or wildlife who what where and when we will probably never know. People want to compare plants with the backboned animals that were around for years and years. I really don’t know which person I would agree with. People meaning scientist and biologist have run tests after test on everything. But it is a known fact there is nothing dated from way back then so no there is nothing proving anything all we have is what people read in books what we are taught in school. I just really don’t know who or what to believe. My seven year old has the answer she said daddy it is very easy. I said o what is so easy baby? Daddy god created everything. Didn’t ur mommy and daddy teach you that? I said baby if it were that simple things would be very different....
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