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Final project proposal - taking black and white photos I...

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Final project proposal My final project is going to be done using power point to do my Electronic Photo Creation I will use Power Point to do a slide show of my 24 photos I’m seriously thinking of doing my final project on one of the biggest mistakes I’ve ever made that being the car I just bought. As for 24 pictures I have way more than that already and I only had the car for 12 days and the engine died on me and the dealership where I got it refuses to return my money but want me to wait until they get a car in for the same value as mine was when I bought it and then want to trade me straight up for a different car. I'm going to be starting out with 2 different pictures of the car and believe it or not this car looks very nice and is very clean. Then throughout the final I’m going to show different parts of my car and different pictures of the things wrong with it with text on photos. As I said before I have over 50 pictures of my car my cell phone has the capability of
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Unformatted text preview: taking black and white photos. I chose power point because I want to do my Electronic Photo Creation in form of a slide show because I like the way power point does them and how you can customize them. However I may have just found a program in Photoshop that I may use as well so now I’m not sure which one I’m going to use I think I’m going to play around with Photoshop elements because a friend told me that Elements has a slide show program so I don’t know yet witch one I am going to use. I really wish I knew Photoshop better than I do. I have been gathering photos since I got this car and putting them in a folder on my desktop. I believe that I can do this because I have set my mind set to getting an A on my final and I know I’m going to need it because I did not start out very well in this class....
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